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Whale Watching

The Bahian coast is world famous as a nesting ground for the humpback whale (megaptera novaeangliae). Females of the species measure up to 14 metres and can weigh up to 40 tonnes. Their main physical characteristic is the extremely long pectoral fins which can measure up to 5 metres. The humback though is one of the most endangered species on the planet, the one-time population of 150,000 is now estimated to be 35,000.


how it works

While the southern coast of Bahia, especially the Abrolhos National Park, is a world famous breeding ground for the humpback whale, sightings of these wonderful animals had become rare along the northern Bahian coast but recent research near Praia do Forte (70 kms from Salvador) has been encouraging as humpback whales again seek out traditional breeeding grounds long forgotten in this region.

We can now offer regular whale watching tour from Praia do Forte, in conjunction with the Institute Baleia Jubarte, (the Brazilian Humpback Whale Institute), only during the months of Jul– Oct.

On board a comfortable schooner, with an experienced crew, bi- lingual guide and accompanying biologist, we patrol the nesting grounds north from Praia do Forte.

  • Tour departures are daily with a 09:00 departure from Praia do Forte, returning at 15:00 at the latest.

  • Average distance from the coast is 8kms.

  • Fruits, crackers and bottler water are served on board

what to see

  • Humpback whales

  • Seasonal tour

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