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Morro de

São paulo

Morro de São Paulo (on Tinharé island), south of the All Saints Bay, was an important fortress built in 1630 to protect Salvador to the north from Dutch invasion. Tinharé Island is host to five pristine beaches fringed with palm treeson its windward coast, bathed by calm crystalline waters of the South Atlantic Ocean, offering great swimming, snorkeling and diving opportunities. Morro is an ever-popular destination for Brazilian and international travelers alike. Days on the island are quiet and lazy, while nights are often busy and buzzing. A walk to the top of Morro de Sao Paulo hill (St Paul`s Hill) provides for spectacular views of the island and its magnificent beaches.



Around the


A boat excursions visiting reef pools, island beaches and riverside villages


full day tour

A trip through Tinharé island for a day at its finest beach at Garapuá on the southern end of this beautiful tropical island

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