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Community Based Travel Programs

The Portuguese term for the environment is "meio ambiente", which translates as the space wherein we live or survive, that which provides us a means for sustenance, to live.

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Within the tourism industry there is much use made of the word sustainable, a buzz word that we fear loses its significance with the passage of time and increasingly frequent usage. It behooves all within the industry, indeed all alive on the planet, to ensure that the space wherein we live or provide our services, is cared for, nurtured, that no further damage is done.The speed of modern life means that we sometimes lose sight of the traditional, of the ancestral, of community, of the genuinely life enhancing.

Many urban and rural communities are beacons in safeguarding their traditions, promoting social equalities, in improving the space within which they nurture their communities and heritage. There is much to be learned here, there is much on which to reflect. There is a wealth of knowledge awaiting, of inspiring examples of fortitude and resilience to be experienced, and much beauty and wisdom to be found, sometimes in the simplest of places.

We at Tatur Turismo have had the honour and privilege to work with a wide range of urban and rural communities during the 25 years of the company's existence. We would be pleased to assist any who share our interest and commitment, and equally pleased to provide focused itinerary suggestions, ensuring that both visited and visitors can learn and share from each other.

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