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Where we go

As a full service business to business incoming tour operator, passionate about Bahia, its culture, history, traditions and great natural beauty, we welcome you to our site.


Our services are focused on the foremost regions of Bahia where historic towns, magnificent beaches, stunning national parks and fascinating culture make the destination so unique.

We provide up-close, authentic experiences to what is the most quintessentially Brazilian destination.

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Where We Go

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What we do

Our Destination Management Services include:

Customized Individual and Group Itineraries

The discerning traveler seeks more and more to tread individualized paths, requesting customized programs focused on their specific interests, avoiding pasteurized itineraries and their inherent tourist traps.

Incentive Travel Programs

The unique cultural wealth and great natural beauty of Bahia provides for exceptional incentive travel programs; the palette is broad, the options for an innovative motivating itinerary innumerous, combining adventure, cultural interaction and fun.

Educational Study Travel

In an ever increasingly inter-dependent world, where events in one corner of the planet can have far reaching effects, an understanding of our global inter-reliance is essential. We at Tatur Turismo have a long history of working with this demanding segment. We have successfully created and operated faculty-led study programs focusing on, amongst other issues, business studies, cultural heritage, performing arts, education, architecture and urban planning, public health, environmental issues, gender and race studies.

Community Based Tourism

Many urban and rural communities are beacons in safeguarding their traditions, promoting social equalities, in improving the space within which they nurture their communities and heritage. There is much to be learned here, there is much on which to reflect. There is a wealth of knowledge awaiting, of inspiring examples of fortitude and resilience to be experienced, and much beauty and wisdom to be found, sometimes in the simplest of places.

Congress and Events

Salvador has a complete infrastructure to host national and international events and congresses. The newly inaugurated Salvador Convention Centre is an essential addition to the city's infrastructure and promises to place Salvador among the best equipped destinations in Brazil for national and international events and congresses

What we Do

why bahia

Colonial Heritage

A series of tours aimed to introduce the basic elements of the destination

african Heritage

A deeper knowledge of African nations influences in Bahia


Understand why Salvador is considered one of the music capital of the world


Unique, traditional and flavorfull, Bahian cuisine shines on the Brazillian scene



Subtle or acrobatic, capoeira is one of the symbols of Bahian culture

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