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Educational Study Travel

In an ever increasingly inter-dependent world, where events in one corner of the planet can have far reaching effects, an understanding of our global inter-reliance is essential.


Brazil is one of the leading emerging economies of the world, rich is natural resources, endowed with the world's largest fresh water supply, leader in alternative and renewable fuels, home to a solid manufacturing base, a nation of creative people, presided by the country's first woman president, following in the footsteps of one of the world's most respected and charismatic leaders.

Brazil has never been more confident of its role or potential on the world stage. Currently there is great international interest focused on the country, be it in terms of business opportunities, knowledge exchange or cultural heritage.

The international interest becomes increasingly evident in the area of academic studies, where foreign universities look to Brazil as part of their study abroad programs, seeking international experiences for their undergraduate students, involving them in a process of learning, engagement and discovery, broadening their horizons through exposure to diverse political, economic and cultural realities.

We at Tatur Turismo have a long history of working with this demanding segment. We have successfully created and operated faculty-led study programs focusing on, amongst other issues, business studies, cultural heritage, performing arts, education, architecture and urban planning, public health, environmental issues, gender and race studies.

In our almost 20 years experience in the field we have built a network of contacts with local universities, NGO´s and community associations who have graciously opened their doors to us, and of course, to our clients. These contacts have allowed us to provide genuine exchange, including meaningful community service projects.

We see our role as bridge builders, facilitating coherent, mutually respectful contact between visitor and visited, creating customized itineraries focussed on clients' areas of interest.

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