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Incentive Travel Programs

The unique cultural wealth and great natural beauty of Bahia provides for exceptional incentive travel programs; the palette is broad, the options for an innovative motivating itinerary innumerous, combining adventure, cultural interaction and fun.

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The essence of a good incentive travel program is the element of surprise, innovation and motivation, combining elements of culture, adventure and fun, integrating sales teams and client base, and thereby expands company growth.

A well planned and executed incentive travel program will leave lasting memories, motivate staff or clients, and thus fulfill the raison dêtre of the investment; to stimulate sales, promote a positive company image and maintain employee or client fidelity.

Bahia offers many opportunities for creative incentive programs. The wealth of local culture, the great natural beauty of the region, a genuinely welcoming people, an excellent hotel, events and transport infrastructure, a unique cuisine, as well as a great pool of musical talent, all providing for a solid base for creative programs, independent of company budget.

We draw from this wealth of entertainment talent and resources, and where possible, through the auspices of local socio-cultural projects, we seek to showcase their impressive heartwarming cultural programs, such as a children's choir, youth dance or percussion and circus performances, amongst others.


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