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Chapada Diamantina

The Chapada Diamantina National Park (Diamond Plateau) is one of Brazil’s great natural treasures, covering an area roughly the size of Belgium. Home to some of Brazil’s most stunning scenery, the vast National Park is a mix of table-top mountains, deep river valleys, a multitude of waterfalls, picturesque towns of Lençois (the gateway to the park), Mucugê, Igatú and the deep verdant Vale do Capão. Trails opened by prospectors during the diamond rush in the 19th century now form the basis for excellent hiking to suit all biotypes throughout the park, trails that offer wonderful views of the park’s tremendous natural beauty.




A full day tour visiting the most important sights of National Park, such as Mucugezinho Rive, Pai Inácio, Pratinha, Poço Azul and Lapa Doce Cave.



Here we will take to the waters of the Marimbus wetlands and row gently downstream through the slow moving river laden with water lilies and other river plant life.

Encantado pool and

Igatu Village

A walk down a steep path takes us to the astonishing aquamarine subterranean deep crystal clear water pool.


waterfall trek

Depart from pousada and walk to the start of the trail and begin the 6 km hike, steep for the first 30 minute or so but then level walking to the top of the waterfall. Walking along the high plain offers tremendous view of the region.


and sandcaves

The Serrano pools ae just above the Lençóis, on the river of the same name. Here the natural pools in the conglomerate riverbed, polished by millions of years of the rushing river provide for a wonderful natural water massage.

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