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serrano and sandcaves

Discover the best attractions on foot in the environs of  charming Lençois, visiting the Serrano pools, the colored sand caves, as well as Cachoerinha and Primavera waterfalls.

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how it works

The Serrano pools are just above the Lençóis, on the river of the same name. Here natural pools in the conglomerate riverbed, polished by millions of years of the rushing river, provide for a wonderful natural water massage. Nearby are the colored sand caves where ancient rock disintegrates into fine sands, widely used by local artisans to make the famous sand bottles. We walk through the winding caves and marvel at the extent of the phenomenon of the crumbling stones and head for the Cachoeirinha waterfall. The water cascades in a pool providing for a refreshing swim, or indeed another massage for those venturing into the fall itself. Duly energized, we go to go further up the river to Primavera Waterfall. This waterfall is much stronger and the massage is great. From here, we will go to a scenic overview of the hills and valleys and the town of Lençóis. Return to hotel. 

what to see

  • Great views of the city of Lençóis

  • Distinctive geology

  • Waterfall and river swimming opportunities

  • Light trek

Complementary Tours

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