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encantado pool

and igatu village

The Poço Encantado is an astonishing cave lake where a shaft of light provides a spectacle of reflection and refraction in the cave’s deep blue pool, while at Igatu the stone ruins and spectacular scenery echo the former prosperity of the diamond rush 

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how it works

Depart Lençois for a 2-hour drive to Poço Encantado (Enchanted Pool) via the colonial town of Andaraí, deep in the old diamond mining country. The Poço Encantado is best seen in the months of April to August when, during the morning hours, shafts of sunlight enter this hidden crystal-clear lake in a sunken cave and are dispersed through the deep blue waters of the lake in a show of light, color, reflection and refraction. Known locally as the 8th wonder of the world. Later we have lunch (included) at Xique-Xique de Igatú, so-called after the tall, distinctive xique-xique cacti of the region. This is a diamond prospecting ghost town where the remnants of the abandoned stone houses are still to be seen, the Bedrock City or Machu Pichu of the Chapada Diamantina.

what to see

  • Amazing view of subterranean lake

  • Remnants of stone built houses at Igatú

  • Dramatic rockface landscapes

  • Unique regional flora

Complementary Tours

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