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chapada highlights

A full day tour visiting the most important sights of National Park, including mysterious Lapa Doce Cave, the crystal clear Pratinha lake and cave pool and spectacular views from Pai Inácio mountain 

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how it works

Depart hotel and drive to Lapa Doce Cave where we descend the side of the cliff face to enter the cave for a 800 metres walk through the limestone cave with curious stalactite and stalagmite formations. From here it is short distance to the Pratinha cave, home to a remarkably clear subterranean lake. Optional snorkeling tour using floatation aids and flippers and accompanied by local expert guides leads into the bowels of the cave. Also, here there is the option of taking an exhilarating zip line to the crystalline lake at the mouth of the cave.

We then drive to the legendary Pai Inacio table top mountain where, after a 20 minute relatively easy climb, we are rewarded with the definitive view of the Chapada Diamantina National Park with its spectacular pre-Cambrian sandstone craggy cliff faces and deep verdant valleys. Our last stop is at the Devil´s Pool on the Mucugezinho River, where after 15 minute hike, we find one of the best swimming opportunities in the park. Both zip line and abseiling equipment is available for the more adventurous.

Please note that snorkeling, zip line and abseiling equipment hire is not included in the tour costs. 

what to see

  • Trek to the top of Pai Inácio mountain

  • Lapa Doce Cave

  • Pratinha lake

  • Endemic vegetation

  • Great landscapes 

Complementary Tours

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