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Customized Individual and Group Itineraries

The discerning traveler seeks more and more to tread individualized paths, requesting customized programs focused on their specific interests, avoiding pasteurized itineraries and their inherent tourist traps.

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Key to successfully attending to this demanding travel segment is in-depth knowledge of the destination, comprehensive network of contacts, an understanding of clients' requirements and expectations, and the all important allocation of compatible expert local guides, opening eyes and hearts of clients to the not-so-obvious.

Personalized services can include:

  • Tour of local artist studios and galleries

  • Bahia Cuisine lesson including visit to local markets

  • Restaurant suggestions to further explore the delight iof local cuisine

  • Bay excursion in private speed boat

  • Percussion Workshop with leading local musician to suit all musical aptitudes

  • Capoeira Workshop including meeting master and learn of history philosophy of this intrinsically Brazilian martial art form

  • Visit to traditional candomblé place of worship to learn of its social and religious importance

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