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Sossego Waterfall Trek

A full day strenuous hike through the Ribeirão river valley, pool and rock hopping to one of the most active waterfalls in the park, the Sossego Waterfall


how it works

Hotel departure, leaving on foot for the Sossego Falls, passing the Ribeirão do Meio pool en route for optional invigorating river swim before heading out of the main trail. Once on the trail it is a 7 km hike through forest, hills and later following the course of the rocky riverbed. The last section of the hike will be through a tight box canyon full of boulders, impressive for their size and formations. 

The walking is tough at times but the rewards are worthwhile, as the Sossego falls tumble to the natural swimming pool. Sossego translates as peace, rest or tranquility,  much deserved after the long, and at times, strenuous trek. 

what to see

  • Advanced leveled trek

  • Off the beaten trek visit

  • Waterfalls swimming oportunities

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