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Garapuá by 4x4

Wheel Drive Vehicle

A trip through Tinharé island for a day at its finest beach at Garapuá

on the southern end of this beautiful tropical island

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how it works

Depart hotel or pousada on foot and walk to meeting point on second beach, and board our a 4 wheel drive vehicle and head for Garapuá Beach, easterly facing traditional fishing village on the southern end of Tinharé Island. The beach here is stunning, harboring wonderful natural pools of coral reefs teem with small tropical fish in crystalline warm waters, making for some of the best snorkeling in the region. The water here is calm for much of the year with gentle waves offering great swimming. The coconut tree fringed beach is home to a number of beach huts offering a wide variety of local seafood dishes.

what to see

  • Natural pools

  • Idilyc beaches

  • Local gastronomy

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