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Deep sea fishing

Embark on a trip to explore the warm waters of south atlantic

and track traditional species of the tropical weather

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how it works

The trolling is a deep sea fishing technique the boat is in constant movement. Our boat is guided by GPS, allowing different species of fish to be followed and found. the available fishing equipment consists on 3 fishing poles, completed reels, belt and a wide range of artificial bait. We also offer mineral water, soft drinks, fruit, sandwiches and biscuits. The most common fish found are Xaréus (Caranx lugubris) , Sororocas (Scomberomorus brasiliensis), Beijupirás (Rachycentron canadum), Bonito (Sarda sarda), Dourados (Salminus brasiliensis), Barracudas (Sphyraena) and Albacora (Thunnus alalunga)

what to see

  • Sport/Leisure activity

  • Tropical catch

Complementary Tours

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Praia do Forte Village Orientation

A brief tour through the village which allow the visitor to get acquainted

to the main attractions of the village for later further exploration


Buggy Beach Tour

This buggy tour allow us to choose between two beach itineraries, to the north or to the south of the Village of Praia do Forte

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Rainforest and Castle Ruins

Explore the outskirts of Praia do Forte on an adventure that mixes culture and nature

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