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beach Buggy Tour

(North or South Beaches)

This buggy tour allows us to choose between two beach itineraries,

to the north or to the south of the Village of Praia do Forte.


how it works

North Beaches

Buggy Tour from Praia do Forte to see the best beaches on the north coast. We pass on the beautiful Imbassai Beach, where the Imbassai River meets the Sea, this is a great place for swimming and activities such as canoeing and stand-up (not included). We continue to the beach that served as stage for the Brazilian film "Men are from Mars, that's where I go", the paradisiac beach of Santo Antonio, where is possible to swim in the natural pools that are formed at low tide. Optional lunch in the beaches or in the famous Restaurant Sombra da Mangueira, located in the Diogo village (not included).


South Beaches

Buggy Tour leaving Praia do Forte to visit the most structured beaches of the coast. We pass on the quiet Itacimirim Beach, Praia da Espera, famous for the wonderful natural pools at low tides and sand stretch on the beach. Then we continue to Guarajuba Beach, where some of the best beach huts in the area are located. The place stands out due its coconut trees, white sand and warm waters. Possibility for lunch at local seafrot (not included).

what to see

  • More recluded beaches

  • Small villages nearby

Complementary Tours

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Praia do Forte Village Orientation

A brief tour through the village which allow the visitor to get acquainted

to the main attractions of the village for later further exploration




The Bahian coast is world famous as a nesting ground for the humpback whale (megaptera novaeangliae). Their main physical characteristic is the extremely long pectoral fins which can measure up to 5 metres. The humback though is one of the most endangered species on the planet, the one-time population of 150,000 is now estimated to be 35,000.

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Deep Sea


Embark on a trip to explore the warm waters of south atlantic

and track traditional species of the tropical weather

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