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Rainforest and

castle ruins

Explore the outskirts of Praia do Forte on

an adventure that mixes culture and nature

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how it works

Depart from Praia do Forte to see one of the first big Portuguese building built in Brazil, Garcia D'Ávila Castle, built in 1556, the oldest stone construction in Bahia and once the home of the largest landowner in the New World, set on the lands of what was the first farm in Brazil. Then we continue to the banks of the Pojuca River, which divides the municipalities of Mata de São João and Camaçari. We follow a trail within the depths of this preserved area of rainforest while learning more about this rich ecossystem. At the end of trail possiblity for a relaxing swim on the river or a refreshing cold drink on the nearby restaurant.

what to see

  • Historical ruins

  • Close contact with native vegetation

Complementary Tours


Buggy Beach Tour

This buggy tour allow us to choose between two beach itineraries, to the north or to the south of the Village of Praia do Forte


Whale Watching

The Bahian coast is world famous as a nesting ground for the humpback whale (megaptera novaeangliae). Their main physical characteristic is the extremely long pectoral fins which can measure up to 5 metres. The humback though is one of the most endangered species on the planet, the one-time population of 150,000 is now estimated to be 35,000.

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Deep Sea Fishing

Embark on a trip to explore the warm waters of south atlantic

and track traditional species of the tropical weather

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