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Canoe Tour

Apparently impenetrable at first sight, this tour unearths some of the mysteries of the ubiquitous mangrove forests so prevalent in this region. Learn of the importance of the native mangroves to the local environment and economy aboard a local dugout canoe.


how it works

Mangrove vegetation is an integral part of the local environment as well as principal source of income for local fishermen.  The rivers of the region are flanked by pristine mangroves, and are home to abundant varieties of seafood, mainly crabs, oysters and sea bass.  Depart hotel or pousada on foot for Boipeba village pier. Our tour takes us through mangroves in a traditional dug-out canoes with an expert local guide where we learn of this delicate but resilient ecosystem on which traditionally locals depend so much. We come away from this tour with an insight into this delicate but resilient ecosystem, its importance for locals and admiration of the dexterity of the boatman as he weaves the canoe through covered canals in the mangrove forest.

what to see

  • Close up views of this intricate ecosystem

  • Learn of endemic flora and fauna of mangroves

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