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boat trip around

boipeba island

No better way to discover the highlights of Boipeba than embarking on a boat tour and circumnavigating this wonderful tropical island, offering a mix of natural reef pools, deserted beaches, remote island village and the mysterious mangrove vegetation.

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how it works

Depart hotel or pousada on foot and walk to Boca da Barra beach, and board our boat and head for the offshore natural reef pools at Moreré, where the crystalline water teem with tropical fish. From here we head for the deserted Castelhanos beach, with time to swim. From here we cruise to an offshore sand bar surrounded by crystalline waters at low tide. Lunch will be at Cova da Onça village.  After lunch we continue our circumnavigation of the island passing through the mangroves, with a stop at Canavieiras, a floating bar provides cool drinks and fresh oysters. From here it is a short crossing to Boca da Barra Beach.

what to see

  • Access to remote location only possible by boat

  • Great views of island from the ocean and river

  • Mix of swimming opportunities

Complementary Tours

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Canoe Tour

Mangrove vegetation is an integral part of the local environment as well as principal source of income for local fishermen