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Ilhéus City Tour

and Cocoa Farm

Ilheus town and country tour, with a focus on the cocoa boom, the life of the town’ smost illustrious son Jorge Amado, as well as a visit to a traditional cocoa producing farm


how it works

Ilheus was for decades the commercial center of the cocoa boom that brought untold wealth to the region. This was the land of massive cocoa plantations growing in the shade Atlantic forest. Bahia´s leading writer, Jorge Amado, hails from Ilheus and many of his more famous novels were based around the halcyon days cooca boom, with its motley crew of all-powerful plantation owners (referred to as Colonels), politicians, priests, cocoa merchants, shopkeepers, barkeepers and bordelo mistresses.  Amado portrayed these characters to enliven his many books, many of which were written while seated inthe Vesuvio Bar as he drew inspirations from unwitting patrons, many of whom would also frequent the Batclan nightclub into the small hours.  Our tour of the city takes us through the streets of the heart of the town, where the most importante attractions are located.  The towering São Sebastion neo-Gothic cathedral, Municipal Theatre and the town’s renowned Chic Pint ice cream parlor are all located here. We visit Bar Vesuvio and Bataclan.


Leaving Ilhéus, we drive to nearby Uruçuca to visit Capela Velha Farm for lunch . Visiting the cocoa plantation will make us travel  back in time to the historical prosperous past of the region. The excursion will resound with stories of gunmen, of love and treason, of fortunes made and lost, all immortalized in Jorge Amado’s novels. Our visit at Capela Velha involves a short walking trail in the shade of the Atlantic Rain Forest, where we learn of the  cultivation process, including harvest, drying and fermentation. We’ll also try the delicious cocoa fruit. It’s a unique excursion combining nature, culture and a taste of glories past.

what to see

  • Historical city and landmarks

  • Cocoa farm

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