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Situated on Rio de Contas estuary, Itacaré is the gateway to spectacular stretches of coastline where the dense Atlantic Forest dramatically reaches down to meet the South Atlantic Ocean, forming a chain of coves and inlets, many only accessible by forest trails. Until relatively recently the area was known to few except fishermen and surfers. While the town has grown, the surrounding region, now an environmentally protected area, maintains and protects its natural beauty. The dipping contours of the surrounding countryside provides wonderful forest walks to isolated beaches or waterfalls, great rafting and other adventure sports. The beaches of Itacaré are considered the best surfing in Brazil. Itacaré is host to a wide variety of accommodation options, from simple to simply exquisite, as well as a choice of excellent restaurants.



Full Day Beaches

of Itacaré

A tour where we will be able to observe the diversity of the rainforest. We explore four of the best beaches along the southern coast of the village.

Ilheus City tour and

Cocoa Farm

Ilheus town and country tour, with a focus on the cocoa boom, the life of the town’ smost illustrious son Jorge Amado, as well as a visit to a traditional cocoa producing farm

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