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A day in the Rural Heartland

We leave the city behind to explore the farming hinterland on the western side of the All Saints´ bay. This is the land of scenic pastures, peaceful colonial towns and busy country markets, a day of insights into the life in rural Brazil in the cradle of Brazil´s African heritage.


how it works

We drive north out of Salvador on the main highway and then head westwards, stopping at busy country market in Santo Amaro. Little has changed over the years in this traditional fruit and vegetable market, ever popular with locals. We continue our drive westwards through rolling hills to Cachoeira, a Unesco World Heritage site and the jewel of the Bahian hinterland nestled in the deep valley of the Paraguaçu River

The town’s importance goes beyond its architectural wealth, being home to a thriving cultural output grounded in African traditions so visible in local art traditions, mainly wood sculpting. African religious traditions are epitomized by the Sisterhood of the Boa Morte, a sorority which traces its origins back to the time of slavery

After lunch we take a walking tour of the town, with an opportunity to browse in some local wood carvers stores.

We cross to the western bank of the slow moving river and visit the Dannemann cigar company where we can also see world-class cigars being expertly rolled. This excursion is a journey back in time to the Brazil of yesteryear.

what to see

  • Scenic countryside

  • Insight to importance of sugar and tobacco booms in Brazils formation

  • Santo Amaro Market

  • Rural Colonial Architecture

  • Hand rolled cigar production

  • Optional visit to Boa Morte Sisterhood

Complementary Tours


Essential Salvador

Discover the essential sights of Salvador on a half day tour tracing the development of the city from its simple beginnings to what is now the third largest city in Brazil. The tour focusses on historical and geographical aspects of the city and serves as a fine orientation for those wishing to further explore the city


Lower City Tour

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Bahia by Night

An evening immersed in the permeating African heritage with an exhilarating performance by the Bahia Folklore Company (Balé Folclórico da Bahia), one of the most respected folklore dance troupes in the world.

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