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bay trip

A mix of island hopping on Brazil´s third largest bay, great swimming opportunities, as well as an opportunity to the visit the traditional boatyards where the magnificent regional wooden schooners are constructed.


how it works

Hotel or Pousada pick up, then drive to Taipu de Dentro pier, and board a local boat for a day on the calm waters of the Camamu Bay. We visit the boatyards in Cajaíba where, as well as dugout canoes, the majestic schooners have been hand-built for generations, a legacy inherited from the Dutch when they settled these parts in the 17th century. The graminho is the basis of the construction, a simple but highly accurate reference calculus used to define correct proportions for the construction of these extremely seaworthy vessels.  The crafts are still built in bayside boatyards in Cajaiba, by families of artisans maintaining the tradition.

From here we visit Ilha do Goió and then Ilha Pequena where we stop for a swim.  We also visit Ilha do Campina where Antoine de Saint Exupéry, of Little Prince fame, lived in the 1930.  Our next stop is on Ilha do Sapinho where we have lunch is small bayside hamlet where, depending on the time of year, we can enjoy many different exotic fruits such as jambo, mango, starfruit, cocoa, jackfruit and later have a seafood lunch on the bayshore.

what to see

  • Overview of immense Camamu Bay

  • Visit multiple islands

  • Visit traditional boatyard

Complementary Tours


Tremembé Falls

The Maraú River thunders through Atlantic Rain Forest to meet the waters of the Camamu bay at the Tremembé Waterfalls. Great swimming and opportunity to view the extensive mangrove vegetation en route.  This is one of the “must see, must do” excursions.

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