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tobacco tour

The decline of the sugar plantations coincided with the rise of tobacco for cigar production where the fertile lands around and south of the All Saints were ideally suited to cultivation of high quality tobacco. Our tour takes us through all aspects of seeding, growing, drying and hand rolling of world-class cigars.

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how it works


Morning departure from hotel in air-conditioned vehicle with bi-lingual guide, leaving the city behind and driving through the rolling landscape, now mostly used for cattle rearing and sugar cane. Our first stop is at a farm in  town of Governador Mangabeira.

Here we concentrate on the growing, harvesting, drying and classification processes. Sumatra is the main crop, the largest producer today being Danneman Ltda. Our tour will concentrate on this company’s facilities. Best time of the year for this tour is August – November.

We then have lunch in the Fazenda Santa Cruz in Muritiba, a family restaurant overlooking the Paraguaçu River valley with tremendous views of the surrounding countryside

 After lunch we take the winding road to the bottom of the valley and visit the Dannemann Cultural Centre in São Felix, an arts center the company hosts to stimulate cultural expression in the region, and also the site of their cigar producing facility. Here we learn of the many stages of the hand-rolled cigars made by highly skilled craftswomen. Optionally, visitors can also roll his or her cigar under the expert supervision of the employees. 

​We cross the bridge back to hotel in Cachoeira.

what to see

  • Scenic countryside

  • Deep insight on tobacco and cigar production in the region

  • Rural Colonial Architecture

  • Hand rolled cigar production

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