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Praia do Espelho


Lauded as one of the finest beaches in Brazil, Espelho beach, located on a dramatic cliff backed stretch of coastline, lives up to its reputation. Turquoise blue warm waters form wonderful pools at low tide on this quintessential tropical breach.

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how it works

Located between Trancoso and Caraiva the Praia do Epelho (Mirror Beach) is an inlet of white sands, coral reefs, Atlantic Rain Forest and peach colored cliffs and crystalline waters on one of the most beautiful stretches of Brazilian coastline. Hotel or pousada pick up and drive to the dirt road connecting Trancoso to Espelho, taking us through some wonderful countryside, a mix of rain forest, open plains and rural villages. Time to swim, enjoy a relaxing beach walk and sample the local cuisine in one of the many great local restaurants.

what to see

  • Dramatic location

  • Semi deserted beach

  • Great natural beauty

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