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Inspired by the wealth of Bahian history and culture, the warmth of its people and the great natural beauty of the state of Bahia, Tatur Turismo has pioneered innovative itineraries with a creative, imaginative approach embracing a wide range of areas of interest for an equally varied client base.

Customized Individual and Group Itineraries


The discerning traveler seeks more and more to tread individualized paths, requesting customized programs focused on their specific interests, avoiding pasteurized itineraries and their inherent tourist traps.

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Community Based Travel Programs


The Portuguese term for the environment is "meio ambiente", which translates as the space wherein we live or survive, that which provides us a means for sustenance, to live

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Incentive Travel Programs


The unique cultural wealth and great natural beauty of Bahia provides for exceptional incentive travel programs; the palette is broad, the options for an innovative motivating itinerary innumerous, combining adventure, cultural interaction and fun.

Educational Study Travel


In an ever increasingly inter-dependent world, where events in one corner of the planet can have far reaching effects, an understanding of our global inter-reliance is essential.

Meetings and Congresses


Salvador has a complete infrastructure to host national and international events and congresses. We at Tatur Turismo have been privileged to work in some of these prestigious events.

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