Navigating on Sway presentations

Tatur Turismo uses Sway as the main hub of information regarding the tours, restaurants and so forth. On these presentations you are able to find tour descriptions, photos and even videos. Here you can also find useful information about the tour, eventual restrictions and in some cases a interactive map to help you put the tour in perspective in the city.

Here is a brief orientation on how to navigate on the different sections of a standard presentation.

By clicking on a Sway presentation another tab you open on your browser. This is how the interface is presented:

- Navigation through the presentation can be done by the arrows on the lower right corner of the screen

- On the top right corner, you can share this current presentation, export/download in Word or PDF formats, print and even change visualization.

The first element of the page is a picture with the name of the tour. A double-click on the picture puts it on a full screen mode, where it can be downloaded by right click on it.

Immediately on the right a brief introduction to the tour and in some cases a pertinent disclaimer.

By moving further, we reach the rescription section. The main description will always be in english, but version on all other languages will be available on the links on the right.

Some presentations, such as this one, may also show similar tours.

On the multimedia section, you will find videos and pictures. The videos are displayed in the presentation box, but they can be set to full screen by using youtube controls on video screen.

The pictures can also be viewed on full screen by clicking on each of them. By right-clicking a full screen picture you can download it, however pictures download this way are compacted for web presentation. If you need a full screen version of the picture, click on the "Download in HD" link below each of the pictures, to be sent to a folder with the pictures with highest available quality.

Proceeding forward, some useful information of the tour, highlights and other details.

Finally, an interactive map will show the standard itinerary of the tour and its main interest points. By using the controls in the lower left and/or using the mouse you can zoom in or zoom out the map, and check other details on the map, such as restaurant and other locations in the area.

Please feel free to contact us in case of further information

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