Casa do Carnaval - House of Carnaval

The newly installed Casa do Carnaval, or House of Carnival, traces the history, influences and innovations showing the multi-facetted trajectory of the world’s largest street carnival.

As part of the ongoing investment in quality attractions, focused on both local and visitors to Salvador, the Casa do Carnaval brings to life the scale, scope and sheer fun of Salvador´s carnival. The interactive, multimedia museum is located in the Historical Center of the city, and through a series of 18 screens, each with its own sound track, in both Portuguese and English, focuses on different aspects of the annual mega event, the African influences, the original musical formats, the changing musical styles, costumes and customs.

Two larger screening rooms on the upper floor provide a fun opportunity to learn the carnival street dances with professional instructors. The café on the top floor provides stunning views of the bay and lower city.

Visitors will come away from the museum with a greater understanding of Salvador´s carnival, so different so many ways from the Rio event.  Here it is the people who make the party and the spectacle, in a seven-day outburst of spontaneity, energy, fun and joy.

In a city where many think that 7 days of revelry is simply not enough, this new addition to the city´s attractions may help in their wait for the next carnival, or convince visitors that they should come back one day to join in the festivities.


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