Welcome to Bahia, the Soul of Brazil.

Bahia is the most quintessentially 'Brazilian' region of the country, the soul of Brazil, a favored destination for Brazilians. We at Tatur Turismo continue with the same dedication to and enthusiasm for the destination as when we established the company 20 years ago.

We focus on 4 regions in this vast state:

- Salvador, the state capital, and adjacent Bahia de Todos os Santos Bay, both historical and cultural cornerstones of Bahia.

- The Chapada Diamantina National Park, truly spectacular mountain scenery in the mid west, strewn with waterfalls, rivers, table top mountains, beautiful colonial towns, offering great trekking to suit all bio-types.

- The South Coast is home to wonderful island hideaways, charming coastal towns, idyllic coves and dramatic Atlantic Rain forest, challenging golf courses, and some of Brazil's hippest destinations

- The North Coast, dotted with magnificent ocean beaches, fishing villages, offering adventure tourism and successful ecological projects

So whichever Brazil you seek - beautiful deserted beaches, African heritage, colonial architecture, deep rooted local culture, dramatic national parks, exquisite cuisine, exhilarating music or the greatest carnival on Earth - Bahia has it all.

We hope you find the Brazil you seek with us.

Salvador and the Bay Area

Salvador da Bahia was Brazil's first capital, the birthplace of a nation, poised on a cliff on the eastern shore of the magnificent Bahia de Todos os Santos bay, the largest tropical bay in the world speckled with 50 islands, 13 degrees south of the Equator, home to the world's largest carnival. The city is a fusion of Portugal and Africa, of the colonial and the modern, a captivating cultural cauldron.

The Bay Area - The colonial towns of Cachoeira, Santo Amaro and Jaguaripe are nestled in the fertile lands surrounding the All Saint's Bay, a region known as the Bahian `Reconcavo´. The entire region played a pivotal role in the expansion of the Portuguese empire in the time sugar cane plantations toiled by African slaves. It was from here that much of the colony's wealth originated, and to this day it continues as the the cradle of Brazil's African cultural heritage. Samba was born here, much of Brazil´s popular music is influenced by traditions found here, African religious traditions found refuge here.

Chapada Diamantina National Park

One of Brazil's great natural treasures, The Chapada Diamantina National Park covers an area roughly the size of Belgium. Home to some of Brazil's most stunning scenery, the vast National Park is a mix of table top mountains, deep river valleys, a multitude of waterfalls, all accessed by trails opened by prospectors during the diamond rush in the 19th century. These same trails nowadays provide excellent hikes to suit all biotypes throughout the park, offering wonderful views its tremendous natural beauty. The park is also host to wonderful colonial towns such as Lençóis, Mucugê, Capão and Igatú.

South Coast

From Salvador south, the Bahian coastline stretches 850 kms to the neighbouring state of Espirito Santo, host en route to some of the best beach destinations in Brazil. This part of the state has shied away from the large scale tourism projects of the North Coast, preserving this idyllic seaboard, bathed by the warm waters of the South Atlantic Ocean. This is the land of coastal Atlantic forests, untouched mangroves, dende palm and cocoa plantations, pristine beaches and tropical islands.
The discerning traveler seeking comfort, exquisite beaches and local flavor is sure to find his or her place in the sun and/or shade here.

The North Coast

The North Coast extends from Salvador, initially along the Estrada de Coco, or Coconut Highway, passing the holiday home areas of Arembepe, Guarajuba and Itacimirim, to the ever popular Praia do Forte, one of Brazil's most popular beach destinations. From here the road continues northwards, this time under the name Linha Verde, or Green Line, providing access to the tranquil Imbassaí village and the major resorts complexes of Iberostar and Costa do Sauípe, and onwards through beautiful stretches of Atlantic Coast to the remote Mangue Seco on the border of the neighbouring state of Sergipe.
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